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Emotional Courage

Dear Lover,

The last week or so, I've been rediscovering something about myself. I've rediscovered that I'm an astoundingly intense person. Everything I do or say, I tend to put the full force of my heart and soul behind it. This means that every aspect of my life is filled with passion and intensity, burning just below the smooth surface, plainly obvious to anyone who wishes to look closely.

I've begun to realize that such intensity can be rather intimidating to a great deal of people. After all, we tend to live in a world that prefers to keep things light and superficial. And the level of intensity that I generate is antithetical to that preference. This is especially true when you consider that my openness and intensity tends to evoke similar reactions in those around me. To be honest, I think that response frightens a good many people more than my own intensity. It's one thing to see that in another person, but it's quite another to experience it in your own life.

I realize now, Lover, that you will need to be a truly emotionally courageous man. You will need to be the kind of guy who can look into the smoldering fire in my eyes and not back away. You might flinch, and you might even have to take a step back to prepare yourself from pressing on. But in the end, if our love is to work, you will press on. You're the kind of person that will be able to look within yourself, find the strength to face both what you see in my eyes and whatever it may evoke from your own heart and soul. After all, that is what attracts you to me, as well as what attracts me to you.

Passionately yours,

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This is so original! It seems too personal to have it open for all to read, it's a window into yourself. Very interesting to say the least. Will you keep us posted as to if you find this lover? :)

Jarred Author Profile Page:

I certainly will!

As for how personal it is, being so open is a part of who I am, and it actually serves a purpose. Besides, if you think this gets personal, you should check out "Journey" sometime. ;)

I feel like I'm peeking in the chest up in the attic of someone else's house. :)

Jarred Author Profile Page:

Well, if it helps, bear in mind that this homeowner is not only allowing you to peek, but encouring you to paw through the chest's contents and see what you find. ;)

I have a personal question for you. I don't know too many gay people,actually only my niece and a nephew. Should I e-mail you instead?


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